Etsy Sidebar Widget

As a learning project I wrote a plugin for WordPress that adds a sidebar widget displaying featured items from an Etsy store. It can be downloaded here: Download Etsy Sidebar Widget To install, follow these steps: Download the file to your desktop Go to Plugins -> Add New in your WordPress dashboard Click Upload Select the file from your desktop Click Install Now Click … Continue reading Etsy Sidebar Widget

Gluten free rice crusted fish sticks

I picked up these Dr. Praeger’s gluten free rice crusted fish sticks yesterday, with fairly low expectations. Interestingly, they were not with other gluten free items in the store’s main GF freezer. They were with the frozen kid-targeted “healthy” meals down another aisle. Verdict: A++++ Would eat again. I really liked these. Now I just need some tartar sauce. Continue reading Gluten free rice crusted fish sticks