Etsy Sidebar Widget

As a learning project I wrote a plugin for WordPress that adds a sidebar widget displaying featured items from an Etsy store. It can be downloaded here:

Download Etsy Sidebar Widget

To install, follow these steps:

  1. Download the file to your desktop
  2. Go to Plugins -> Add New in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Click Upload
  4. Select the file from your desktop
  5. Click Install Now
  6. Click Activate Plugin
  7. Go to Appearance -> Widgets
  8. Drag the Etsy Sidebar Widget into one of your sidebar widget areas
  9. Enter your shop name — you can also change the title and number of rows to be displayed (optional)
  10. Click Save

The saved widget will appear like this example in your sidebar (the example store ImaginationKids is owned by my friend Erin — check it out!):


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