Home state hoop art

I’ve been working on this embroidery piece as a gift. The fabric pieces are remnants from the Scrap Exchange, a local reseller of donated craft materials and industrial discards. I never know what I will find there! Combining the state shape with “home” and a heart for our city isn’t the most original concept, but I haven’t seen anything quite like this design in shops or … Continue reading Home state hoop art

Marathon training

Just after Christmas I signed up for the Raleigh Rock n Roll marathon, to be held on April 12, 2015. I’d been wanting to commit to one for a while and had struggled between committing to traveling to one (like the Detroit Free Press marathon, which looks really fun) versus, well, not over-complicating things with travel and logistics and cost. I read that the Rock n … Continue reading Marathon training

Developing effective interview questions

I read a blog post a few years ago that really influenced how I thought about the questions we ask in Happiness Engineer interviews. In the past our interview had centered on questions about a person’s background with WordPress along with their thoughts on what makes good customer support. These were often interesting conversations, but we weren’t getting as much of a sense of fit … Continue reading Developing effective interview questions