Walk to School Day

We participated in Walk to School Day this morning. This was kind of a tough sell initially since, although we walk/bike to school every day already, going to the meeting point meant leaving the house 15 minutes earlier and walking twice as far. I considered driving to the meeting point but rejected that as, er, tacky. (I did see parents pull up in cars and let their kids out at the meeting point. I do not judge. I assume they were headed off to work but wanted to let their kids participate.)

Still, even after we arrived and received stickers and warm greetings, Vera was not very on board with the event.

Happily, her very beloved teacher arrived soon after, and she perked right up. She loooooves her teacher.

A FedEx driver pulled in with an enormous truck, handed out reflective snap bracelets, and gave the kids a quick pep talk about being safe near and on streets.

Then a pair of motorcycle police officers escorted the group of 30-ish children, along with parents and teachers, on a quarter-mile walk up to the school.

It turned out to be a lot of fun, and I was glad we made the effort to participate.



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