Acquiring a unicorn

A couple years ago I went to Vegas for a meetup with some coworkers. We worked on some projects, I triaged some bugs for their team, we saw a magic show together — the usual Vegas stuff. During our visit Mike Adams entered a new ticket into our internal tracking system noting the need for a baby unicorn to be developed on my behalf. As these sort of things go, it was of course hilarious to us all at the time.

Over time, the ticket progress included enhancement requests (wings?) and patches were encouraged, but the issue was never resolved.

Mike and I saw each other again this week in Miami along with four more colleagues (Karen Arnold, Lori McLeese, Jeremy Herve, and Nikolay Bachiyski), for a hiring-focused meetup. Googling “things to do in Miami” turned up a result for Painting with a Twist. The only open session that would fit our schedule was this one. It felt like it was meant to be.

I had thought it would be a paint-by-number kind of thing but it actually turned out to be a bit more creative and guided, in a professional and fun way. We had a great time!

Mike and I with our paintings

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