Week 1 Friday Run

The marathon training program I’m doing through Fleet Feet Sports called for an easy 4-mile run today. I felt like a trail run so I headed out to Eagle Spur Trail, an out-and-back raised rail-trail through some woods down to Jordan Lake. It was a bit soggy in places due to lots of recent rain, but passable.

KidRocket’s school had a half-day so I went straight to pick him up afterwards. He surprised me by asking if he could start running with me sometime. I’ve suggested it before and he’s always said no thanks. So we talked a bit about starting a Couch to 5K program, and how that’s how I got started running some 15 years ago. After lunch we headed out to a paved path in our neighborhood and did the Week 1, Day 1 workout of Cool Running’s Couch to 5K: 60 seconds of easy running followed by 90 seconds of walking recovery for 20 minutes (8 sets). He didn’t have too hard of a time with it, although by the last set he was ready to be finished. I hope I can help him to stick with it, and build the stamina for longer running. It would be really fun to have him along for longer runs.

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