Halloween is my favorite holiday

Dress up as whatever you want and people smile and give you candy! What’s not to like?

I love taking my kids trick-or-treating. Vera dressed as SpiderWoman. Isaac continued his longstanding tradition of dressing as a ghost. We walked around to some houses before it got dark and took pictures:

Vera (5) and Isaac (10)
Vera (5) and Isaac (10)
Standing in the cemetery of the yard of many jack-o-lanterns

A house around the corner from us always has dozens of elaborately carved jack-o-lanterns placed around their yard. One of our favorite places to go every year:

This house “dressed up” as a scary hospital (asylum?). The people giving out candy in front were dressed in hospital gowns, and there were more “patients” in the windows banging on the window panes and looking creepy:


After trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, we went over to Grandmom’s so the kids could pass out candy. Vera really really really wanted to hand out individual potato chips and was quite put out that I discouraged it:


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