Super mini CSS Tutorial

Below is my very mini tutorial on using CSS to customize your site 🙂

You can customize any element on your site by determining the selector name of the element and then declaring a property and a value.

For example, the selector name of your blog post titles is this:

The properties you might want to change could be these:

You put it all together in your stylesheet code by entering the selector followed by an open curly brace. On the next line you enter each property, followed by a colon, a value, and a semi-colon. On the last line you enter a closing curly brace. It would end up looking like this: {
font-size: 16px;
color: purple;
text-transform: lowercase;

This page has more information about the types of text styling that are possible, and a try it yourself area where you can enter a value and see what effect it has:

The tricky thing can be determining the selector name. In Firefox, you can right-click (or Ctrl + click) on anything on your screen that you want to know the selector name of. You’ll then see a little pop-up that shows you the exact name.

You can get the codes for specific colors here:

I hope this helps! It’s a very powerful tool once you’ve got ahold of the basics 😉

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