I’ve read several blogs about having PRK surgery and recovering from it, which have been really helpful to me in knowing better what I might expect. I’m writing about my own experience here.

How did I write this? Starting about 48 hours after the surgery I typed some notes in a text doc with the screen resolution maximized and the font size set to 30. I mostly looked at the keyboard and not the screen. When I was able to look at the screen longer I filled in further thoughts about the recovery process each day from memory.

Click on any post title below to read the full post:

PRK Pre-surgery - Why have PRK? Because contact lens solution won't be available in the zombie apocalypse.
PRK Procedure - Dr. Woolfson came in and introduced himself to each of us. For an assembly line process he and his team do a great job of making you feel like they are treating you as an individual.
PRK 1-day post-op - They say the Vicodin + Phenergan combo knocks most people out for 10-12 hours but it didn’t really do that for me. I woke up around 1 am with my left eye feeling very uncomfortable. It felt like having a bit of sand in my eye.
PRK 2-days post-op - Days 2 and 3 after PRK are said to be the worst. With Friday being day 3 I was mostly feeling uncomfortable and bored.
PRK 3-days post-op - I woke up without any significant pain or discomfort so I decided to stick with ibuprofen and avoid any further vicodin grogginess.
PRK 4-days post-op - I was feeling really great today so I put on shades and a visor and went outside for an easy run.

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