PRK 4-days post-op

I left the shades off today and found that I’m not feeling so light-sensitive around the house. I was feeling really great, actually, so I put on shades and a visor and went for an easy run. The mismatch in focus between my eyes is less noticeable at a farther distance, so running outside wasn’t a problem at all. It was a lot of fun.

Tried to lay off screens still and just listened to some standup comedy shows on Netflix. In the afternoon I caught myself rubbing my left eye and then stopped — but then noticed that my vision in that eye had suddenly vastly improved. I hope that means I just rubbed away some random hazy corneal cells I didn’t really need, as opposed to having caused some sort of permanent damage to the healing process. Haha!

I finally caught on to speeding up the narration speed on the audiobooks. At 1.5 speed Chelsea Handler’s “My Horizontal Life” is pretty funny.

By evening I felt more up to watching TV, so we watched the “Hide” episode of Doctor Who. Won’t spoil, but I did enjoy it quite a bit.

Tomorrow is Monday — I had conservatively scheduled myself off through Wednesday, but I think I’ll feel up to checking in and doing a few things. My next follow-up appointment is in 5 more days on Friday.

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