PRK 3-days post-op

Saturday: I woke up without any significant pain or discomfort so I decided to stick with ibuprofen and avoid any further vicodin grogginess. There was only a very minor feeling like wearing a contact lens too long — which is basically what it was. I had a 5 pm followup appt with Dr. Todd to remove the clear “bandage” contact lenses from both eyes, which I looked forward to eagerly all day.

She said the right eye was looking great and the left eye was almost there. She took out both lenses and said I would probably be fine, but if I started to have discomfort I could call her and get a new lens put in the left eye. Right eye is about 20/70 but left is still 20/150. I can see great for walking around the house but reading text is not easy, I think mainly due to the difference in focus. Sounds like the left eye should start catching up though. The main annoyance at this point is I’m extremely light sensitive. I definitely can’t drive yet but since I work from home that’s no problem.

Compared to PRK stories I read online beforehand I feel like I really sailed through this. I know to expect a few more days or even weeks before getting sharp 20/20 vision. But I did not have days of severe pain like I had been worried about. I attribute this to choosing a very well-regarded surgeon, whose team has provided great follow-up care.

The latest Doctor Who episode will be available on iTunes tomorrow morning — I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll feel up to watching it.

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