PRK 1-day post-op

Rough night, didn’t sleep well. Ben had said the Vicodin + Phenergan combo knocks most people out for 10-12 hours but it didn’t really work out for me. I woke up around 1 am with my left eye feeling very uncomfortable. It felt like having a bit of sand in my eye. Blinking didn’t help, but not blinking didn’t help either. It wasn’t agonizing but it was difficult to sleep.

I tried putting in the Accuvale drops which are like ibuprofen for the eye but even that didn’t help much. I was really glad I had a 9 am follow-up appointment. Dr. Todd put in numbing drops right away which was a huge relief. She said they can’t give the patients numbing drops to use at home because overuse will eat the cornea tissue. Bummer. But she prescribed Neurontin and explained that it works to disrupt pain messages between nerves and the brain.

She said my vision was about 20/150 in both eyes (previously 20/800) which was exciting to hear. Everything was blurry still but I could definitely see a lot more than I ever used to without glasses. She called in my new prescription but it wasn’t ready when we got to the pharmacy so we went home to have lunch. The numbing drops started to wear off then and I was getting really uncomfortable again. Tom went back out to the pharmacy and got the Neurontin for me. It started to help pretty quickly and I was able to nap. I still had a very mild irritated feeling in my eyes, like when you’ve gone swimming in a chlorinated pool without goggles, but nothing too bad.

At bedtime I took another Vicodin and the second Phenergan as directed, but I still didn’t get “knocked out”. I woke up several times during the night and felt restless. Not in pain, just groggy but unable to sleep.

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