Durham: May 27 — June 18

Durham! It’s where all the cool kids want to go! Two hours east to the beach, two hours west to mountains. We’re looking for someone who would like to spend three weeks in our house in south Durham.

The house has 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths. Currently the downstairs 4th bedroom is an office/storage room and doesn’t have a bed, but if needed we can provide a full air mattress or a twin bed. The upstairs bedrooms include:

  • master bedroom with king bed and attached full bath
  • second bedroom with double bed
  • third bedroom with single bed

The second two bedrooms share a full bath in the hallway.

Backyard has a playset with swings for little folk, and a few acres of woods for hiking around in, and the beginnings of an obstacle course.

There’s a major upscale shopping mall about 5 minutes away, and you’ll be about a 15-minute drive from Durham’s cool downtown.


What’s the catch, you ask. Well, it’s this guy:


Buddy is 80 pounds of awesome lab mix we rescued about 18 months ago. He is roughly 14 years old (vet’s best guess) and in pretty good health internally, other than two things: his hips are a bit arthritic, and he’s about 90% blind (he has a little peripheral vision). For these reasons he’s not a good traveler, and it’s best if he can stay in his own familiar surroundings when we go on a trip. He is extremely well-behaved. He does not jump up, or chew, or have any nuisance behaviors. He can go 12+ hours between being let out (although obviously we try not to push it). Due to his hip issues, it’s ideal if he can be walked 1-2x per day.

We’ve used a dog-sitter in the past, but with a trip of this length we don’t want to leave him alone for long daily stretches. He is used to people being around most of the day and it would be lonely for him.

The dates overall are fairly firm, since we are planning our trip around another family’s plans, but we can arrange a petsitter for a few days on either end if need be.

Have any questions? Just ask!